About the title “Half Broke Hors­es”

  • Lily: a half-broke horse her­self / a remark­able woman / a wild woman
    • Lily defends her own prin­ci­ples
    • She refus­es to give up what she believes in
    • She rarely com­pro­mis­es
  • Rose­mary: a strong, wild thing with a rebel­lious per­son­al­i­ty –> “a lit­tle like a half-broke horse”.
    • I began to wor­ry that Rose­mary was unfo­cused and that if we didn’t stamp it out ear­ly, it could become a per­ma­nent part of her char­ac­ter.” (Lily about Rose­mary) –> Lily —as a half-broke horse herself—feels that she has to/ can break oth­ers to make them use­ful for soci­ety.
  • Half-broke hors­es are use­less for civ­i­liza­tion
  • The title is also a metaphor for Amer­i­cans as a whole, as a coun­try of immi­grants: The new­com­ers had to be bro­ken to be rede­fined as Amer­i­cans.

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